MfEfolders icon  MfEfolders

What it does

  • Enables/disables Mail for Exchange synchronization on a folder by folder basis
    (eg. disable spam folder sync)
  • Locally renames MfE folders
    (eg. long folder names, specials characters)

How to install

MfEfolders can be found in Extras-testing. If you have it in your repository list, use Application Manager to install. Before uninstalling, be sure to re-enable the folders you will need later.

How to use


Use the checkboxes to enable/disabe synchronization of the selected folder. To rename the folders just change it's name in the edit box and press Save.

How it works

MfEfolders uses the qmailstore database directly (/home/user/.qmf/qmailstore.db) to set the Class parameter of the disabled folders to a value ignored by MfE and Modest. When renaming a folder, it changes the Displayname parameter of the folders. The changes should have no side effects, but YMMV.
Thanks for Vitaly Repin@Nokia for the ideea and tech info for this project.


Please close the e-mail client before starting MfEfolders and also please make sure that Mail for Exchange is not synching.

Known issues

  • If the folder is synced (selected to be synced in GUI) but any of its parent not, it leads to not showing any messages from this folder in e-mail client.